Media Outlets Examine, Experts Comment On Various Aspects Of Coronavirus Pandemic, Including U.S. Response

Devex: Q&A: Quarantined Jan Egeland says COVID-19 must be treated ‘like a war zone’ (Lieberman, 3/18).

Devex: MSF navigating ‘blockages everywhere’ in wake of COVID-19 outbreak (Lieberman, 3/19).

Nature: The coronavirus pandemic in five powerful charts (Callaway, 3/18).

New Yorker: How Governments Respond to Pandemics Like the Coronavirus (Chotiner, 3/18).

New York Times: ‘We’re Petrified’: Immigrants Afraid to Seek Medical Care for Coronavirus (Jordan, 3/18).

NPR: Former State Department Official Comments On U.S. Role In Global Response To Pandemic (Kelley, 3/18).

Quartz: Why won’t the WHO call the coronavirus by its name, SARS-CoV-2? (Hui, 3/18).

USA TODAY: ‘Gross misjudgment’: Experts say Trump’s decision to disband pandemic team hindered coronavirus response (Shesgreen, 3/18).

WBUR: ‘Every American Should Be Outraged’ Says Pandemic Expert About Government Response (Young/Hagan, 3/18).