Media Outlets Examine Economic, Social Impacts Of Coronavirus In China, Globally

The Atlantic: Coronavirus Is Devastating Chinese Tourism (McLaughlin/Diamond, 2/19).

New York Times: In Coronavirus Fight, China Sidelines an Ally: Its Own People (Yuan, 2/18).

Reuters: China to tackle misuse of coronavirus funds by local governments: ministry (Zhang/Stanway, 2/19).

Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Exposes Businesses’ Dependency on China (Kubota et al., 2/18).

Wall Street Journal: Amid Coronavirus, the World Closes Its Doors to China: ‘I Feel So Isolated’ (Areddy et al., 2/18).

Wall Street Journal: China Turns to Health-Rating Apps to Control Movements During Coronavirus Outbreak (Lin et al., 2/18).