Media Outlets Discuss COVID-19 Research, Scientific Developments, Including Launch Of Human Trials For Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates

The Hill: Human testing beginning on second coronavirus vaccine candidate (Klar, 4/7).

PRI: Research on COVID-19 vaccine shows unique global collaboration, says Ebola vaccine scientist (Woolf, 4/7).

Reuters: Novavax to start human trial for novel coronavirus vaccine (Hussain/Joseph, 4/8).

Science Magazine: Former FDA leaders decry emergency authorization of malaria drugs for coronavirus (Piller, 4/7).

Science Magazine: Trials of drugs to prevent coronavirus infection begin in health care workers (Kupferschmidt, 4/7).

STAT: New research examines wastewater to detect community spread of Covid-19 (Chakradhar, 4/7).

UPI: Trials begin for potential COVID-19 drug remdesivir (Norton, 4/6).

Wall Street Journal: Hunt Is on for Genetic Clues to Why Coronavirus Impact Varies (Marcus, 4/7).