Media Outlets Continue To Cover Save The Children Report On Progress Against Child Mortality

News outlets on Wednesday continued to cover Save the Children’s new report on progress against child mortality. “The ranking of 75 emerging and developing countries not only considered the decrease of child deaths, but also examined efforts made to achieve equal chances of survival for boys and girls and for children from rich or poor families,” Deutsche Welle writes, adding, “The report went on to evaluate the sustainability of national child mortality reduction polices” (Gorzewski, 10/23). Xinhua reports on China’s progress, writing, “China has reduced its child mortality rate, improving its ranking to seventh among the 75 countries that account for most of the world’s maternal and child deaths, according to the report published by Save the Children” (10/23).

The Inquirer/AllAfrica notes the report “speaks of recent improvements in child health thereby putting Liberia among 25 countries tracked to meeting the goal of two-thirds reduction in child mortality rates by 2015” (10/23). FirstPost states, “India is among the top 10 nations that have made the greatest strides in reducing child mortality since 1990,” according to the study (10/23). Other countries “among the top 10 nations that have made the greatest strides in tackling” child mortality equitably and sustainably include Niger, Liberia, Rwanda, Indonesia, Madagascar, China, Egypt, Tanzania and Mozambique, Agence France-Presse/Mail & Guardian reports (10/23). “At the other end of the spectrum lie Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Equatorial Guinea, with slow and unequal reductions in under-five mortality rates and low levels of investment in health and nutrition,” according to Save the Children, BBC News writes (10/23).