MDG Successes Show Continued Efforts On Post-2015 Goals Can Lead To More Progress

Christian Science Monitor: Goals that sparked progress
Editorial Board

“…In a classic case of glass half full or half empty, most of the ambitious [Millennium Development Goals] were unmet, a disappointment. Yet these MDGs have also yielded much for which to be grateful. They have sparked a remarkable humanitarian response, resulting in millions of lives saved or improved around the world. … In September, a fresh set of goals for 2030 will be adopted at a summit at the U.N. headquarters in New York. The plan as of now is to replace the eight MDGs with 17 new Sustainable Development Goals that will include 169 targets to meet. Already prominent figures are urging that the new goals be simplified. … While the task of eliminating global poverty and disease is far from over, the progress made shows the world is headed in the right direction. With continued effort and dedication the 2030 report will have an even better story to tell…” (7/8).