Market Models Can Create ‘New Paradigm’ To Improve Global Nutrition, Food Security

Huffington Post: Innovative Partnerships Models to Advance Nutrition and Security
Marc Van Ameringen, executive director of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

“…The food system is essential to not only maintain healthy lives, but also for global health security. … [M]ultidimensional challenges require us to strengthen the existing food system and change the way it is currently configured. We need to start thinking about a new paradigm for the food system that has at its core the provision of sustainable nutritious diets accessible to everyone. There are many pathways to building this paradigm, but I would like to focus on one, which I think is one of the most critical: making markets work better for the poor, so that they can have access to an affordable nutritious diet. In particular, there are four different market models that we have been implementing with our partners. … Catalyzing small and middle-sized enterprises (SMEs) in East Africa … Fortifying staple foods and condiments with essential vitamins and micronutrients … Investing in nutrition all along supply chains of large companies … [and l]everaging market players around research and development in nutrition…” (2/4).