Many Children In Conflict Zones Cannot Access Education, Increasing Risk Of Abuse, Exploitation, UNICEF Report Says

News outlets discuss findings from a UNICEF report on how conflict prevents many children from attending school.

New York Times: Conflicts Keep 24 Million Children Out of School, UNICEF Report Finds
“Nearly 24 million children living in 22 countries affected by conflict are not in school, the United Nations said Monday. A report released by UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, said that of roughly 109 million children of primary and secondary school age in these countries, almost one in four are not getting an education…” (Gladstone, 1/11).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: One in four children in conflict zones ‘risk losing their future’ — UNICEF
“…South Sudan has the largest proportion of children out of school, 51 percent, followed by 47 percent in Niger, 41 percent in Sudan, and 40 percent in Afghanistan. ‘When children are not in school, they are at an increased danger of abuse, exploitation, and recruitment into armed groups,’ said UNICEF’s head of education, Jo Bourne…” (Whiting, 1/12).