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Malaria Vaccine Shows Some Protection For One Year In Clinical Trial

New York Times: A Malaria Vaccine Has Some Success in Testing
“An experimental malaria vaccine tested in varying doses provided 55 percent protection for one year to a few volunteers, a study released Monday said…” (McNeil, 5/9).

Science Speaks: Malaria vaccine candidate shows longer protection, promise, direction of next steps
“…The results, while still limited, represent the continued advance of an approach that scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease first noted promise nearly five years ago…” (Barton, 5/9).

TIME: Malaria Vaccine Shows Strongest Protection Yet
“…Doctors and scientists want a vaccine that offers protection for longer than [one year], but the new study, published Monday in the journal Nature Medicine, has shown the longest duration of protection so far. The vaccine, called PfSPZ is developed by the biotech company Sanaria Inc., which is focused on malaria, with the help of National Institutes of Health scientists and University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers…” (Sifferlin, 5/9).