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Malaria Eradication Possible With More Investments, Innovative Strategies

Huffington Post: The Beginning of the End of Malaria
Martin Edlund, CEO of Malaria No More

“…The great selling point is that malaria is the only disease of this scale that we can conceivably eradicate in our lifetimes. We need that clear, time-bound goal to maintain political support. The next five years are going to be critical. Now is when we need to deliver the new technologies that make eradication possible. Now is when we must prove innovative strategies and demonstrate that elimination is possible in all three regions where malaria persists — the Americas, Asia, and Africa. And now is when we must mobilize new funding sources from international donors, the developed world, and even those countries that are being ravaged by this disease, to accelerate progress towards our goal. … If we redouble our investments, our innovative thinking, and our resolve, we can truly make this the beginning of the end of malaria” (10/9).