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Making Poverty History Requires Global Activism

The Guardian: Make poverty history? A decade on from Gleneagles, it is a genuine possibility
Adrian Lovett, Europe executive director at the ONE Campaign

“…A growing movement of global citizens is forming. And that movement is more authentic and representative than ever, no longer directed from Washington, New York, or London. ONE’s membership of nearly seven million people includes two million from Africa. After watching 250 ONE youth ambassadors from across Europe and beyond, who came … to southern Germany for last month’s G7 summit, I know we are in great shape for the fight ahead. These are smart, savvy, passionate advocates who know their facts. They also know that facts are nothing without activism — and activism means little unless we take it to where decisions are made, get them changed, and hold decision-makers accountable. Not so different from Make Poverty History perhaps, at its best. But — I hope — more global, more sustainable and more empowering…” (7/6).