Major Flooding In U.S., Africa, Asia Brings Health Risks

CNN: The hidden health dangers of flooding
“…The health concerns that floodwater can bring include physical and mental challenges. … [Floodwater is] often contaminated with sewage and chemicals and can hide sharp objects made of metal or glass. … Floodwater can also carry disease. That’s a serious problem in developing countries where cholera, typhoid, or yellow fever are present, according to the World Health Organization…” (Christensen, 8/31).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Beyond Harvey: Deadly Floods Cause Havoc in Africa, Asia
“With Tropical Storm Harvey gathering headlines as the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in half a century, floods have killed many more people in Africa and Asia this year, as climate change worsens extreme weather worldwide…” (Pujol-Mazzini, 8/31).