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Lower Number Of Ebola Cases In Liberia Raising Hopes, But Officials Warn Of Possible Resurgence

News outlets report on various aspects of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, where a lower number of reported cases is raising hopes among officials and residents but survivors are facing stigma.

Associated Press: U.N. Ebola chief optimistic of future drop in cases
“The U.N.’s Ebola chief said an extraordinary global response over the past month has made him hopeful the outbreak could end in 2015, though he cautioned that the fight to contain the disease is not even a quarter done. ‘Until the last case of Ebola is under treatment, we have to stay on full alert,’ Dr. David Nabarro said Thursday in an interview with the Associated Press. ‘It’s still bad’…” (Lederer, 11/7).

NPR: In Liberia, Ebola Makes ‘Pariahs’ Out Of The Sick, Says NYT Reporter
“Fresh Air” host Terry Gross interviews Helene Cooper, who “grew up in Liberia and still has family there. … Cooper spent two weeks last month in Liberia, covering the Ebola epidemic. She’s the Pentagon correspondent for the New York Times and flew into Liberia with U.S. military troops whose mission was to build new Ebola treatment centers…” (11/6).

Washington Post: As Ebola infections drop, Liberian capital reawakens
“…[E]ver so slowly, signs of normalcy are returning to the capital. With the rate of new Ebola infections down, traffic is up. Boys play soccer and girls play kickball, less afraid of skin-to-skin contact than they were a few short weeks ago. Businesses are welcoming back a few workers — not many, and not all at once, but some. Discussions have begun about when and how to reopen the schools without reigniting the epidemic. Perhaps in January, some say…” (Bernstein, 11/6).