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Look To Global HIV Treatment Successes For Lessons On Hepatitis C

Washington Post: The global AIDS response can help in fighting hepatitis C
Paul Farmer, a professor at Harvard University, an infectious disease physician with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and a co-founder of Partners in Health

“…Smart investments in accurate diagnosis and in effective therapy for hepatitis C could save millions of lives in the coming years, radically cut transmission and pave the way toward eradication of the virus. Or, we could choose to ignore the lessons of the AIDS response and stand by as outcomes improve solely among the fortunate few who enjoy ready access to the fruits of modern medicine. Divergence of outcomes occurs within nations and across them; they grow whenever innovation is not coupled with implementation among the most vulnerable. But we live in one world. As infectious pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis remind us, our hopes are tied together more closely than we might imagine” (2/12).