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Long-Term Investments Needed To Survive Ebola, Other Outbreaks

Nature Medicine: Ebola: a call to action
Editorial Board

“The size, speed, and potential reach of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa presents a wake-up call to the research and pharmaceutical communities — and to federal governments — of the continuing need to invest resources in the study and cure of emerging infectious diseases. … Encouragingly, on 21 August the Wellcome Trust announced two initiatives: rapid funding for research proposals targeting the current and future Ebola outbreaks and a five-year £40 million commitment to fund research focusing on health challenges facing Africa, including emerging and endemic infections. The latter initiative, which takes a more long-term view, is a step in the right direction. The ability to survive the next outbreak requires continued investment by all nations in detection, prevention, containment, treatment, and education. Anything less would be unethical” (9/4).