Long-Term Commitment To Inclusive Development Critical To Improving Niger’s Agriculture Sector

Devex: A commitment to strengthening Niger’s agriculture sector
Dana J. Hyde, CEO of the Millennium Challenge Corp (MCC), and Jamie Drummond, co-founder of ONE

“…The refugee crisis is … a reminder of the urgent need to invest in reducing poverty — a process that evidence shows is driven by inclusive economic growth. We need to support development in the home nations of those forced to flee today, and those who might be forced to flee tomorrow. … MCC’s compact [with Niger] represents a concerted commitment to help the country strengthen its economy and fight poverty in the face of these challenges. … By improving water availability, roads, and market access, while also promoting climate-resilient agricultural techniques and sustainable livestock farming, this investment is designed to increase the country’s food supply and rural incomes. … Only a significant, long-term commitment to inclusive economic development and poverty reduction in the world’s poorest countries can advance security, democracy, human rights, and shared prosperity for us all” (10/24).