Life-Long Education About Benefits Of Immunization Can Help Prevent Vaccine Hesitancy

EURACTIV: Reaping the full benefits of vaccination
Patricia Massetti, associate vice president and European vaccines lead at MSD and board member at Vaccines Europe

“…Vaccine hesitancy is one of the reasons why vaccination policies are falling short of achieving their full potential [in the E.U.] … [W]e need to shift towards a more holistic, life-course approach to vaccination. This consists of vaccinating people across their life-span and educating them about the importance of vaccination from childhood and into adulthood. … By educating people about vaccination from an early age, and continuing this into adulthood, we could fight vaccine hesitancy more effectively because individuals would be more health literate. … [Vaccination] policies should embrace a life-course immunization view in order to create a Europe free of diseases that can be prevented through vaccination” (5/2).