Liberian Men Who Cremated Ebola Victims’ Bodies Now Shunned By Society Non-Accepting Of Practice

New York Times: They Helped Erase Ebola in Liberia. Now Liberia Is Erasing Them.
“…It has been more than a year since this deeply religious country embraced one of its biggest taboos — cremating bodies — to rein in a rampaging Ebola pandemic. In that time, the majority of Liberians have started to move on. But such is not the case for some 30 young men who were called upon during the height of the crisis last year. … Their families shunned them as they pursued their grim work. … The ostracism darkened what was already an abysmal time for the men, so much so that now, a full year after the country has ceased the cremations, their lives remain virtually destroyed…” (Cooper, 12/9).