Liberia Struggling To Face Unprecedented Ebola Outbreak

Two blogs address the situation in Liberia, which is facing an unprecedented Ebola outbreak.

Humanosphere: How Liberia quarantine may help spread Ebola
Tom Paulson, founder and lead journalist at Humanosphere, discusses the potential risks and benefits of using quarantine as a public health measure during infectious disease outbreaks (8/21).

PLOS’s “Speaking of Medicine”: Ebola: Liberians Destined for Extinction
Liberian medical student Gondah Lekpeh discusses the situation in Liberia, writing, “…Here in Liberia, the virus is spreading like wildfire, devouring the life of everyone along its path. Limited health resources, ignorance, stigmatization, denial, and cultural burial rites are fueling the spread of the disease…” (8/21).