Liberia Records Ebola Case After 28 Days With No New Cases

Associated Press: Liberia investigates how latest Ebola patient got infected
“Liberian officials were investigating Saturday how the country’s latest Ebola patient became infected, after weeks with no cases of the disease in the country…” (Paye-Layleh, 3/21).

Financial Times: Ebola still a mortal danger in West Africa, warn health leaders
“…Liberia had not reported a new case for three weeks until a woman was diagnosed with the virus in Monrovia on Friday, highlighting the difficulty facing the region in trying to eliminate the deadly disease…” (Ward, 3/22).

New York Times: Liberia Reports First Ebola Case in Weeks
“…Health officials said it was unclear how the woman, a food seller, had been infected. She had not been on a monitoring list for possible exposure and she said she had not traveled outside Liberia. The Information Ministry issued a statement saying ‘initial suspicion is that it may be the result of possible sexual intercourse with an Ebola survivor’…” (Fink/Gladstone, 3/20).

NPR: With Ebola Waning, New Case In Liberia Concerns Officials
“…Authorities in the West African nation, which has borne the brunt of the deaths in the current outbreak — 4,200 of the approximately 10,000 who have died in the region — had hoped that a patient discharged on March 5 would be the last…” (Neuman, 3/21).

PBS NewsHour: After 28 days without a case, new Ebola patient confirmed in Liberia
“…The patient is being treated at a facility run by the aid group Doctors Without Borders, and teams have been sent out to find and monitor people who had contact with the new patient, according to the information ministry statement…” (Costa-Roberts, 3/21).

Reuters: Liberia reports first new case of Ebola in weeks
“…Monrovia became the epicenter of the outbreak in the middle of last year but since then hundreds of millions of dollars in aid and the deployment of U.S. troops have helped officials control the spread of the virus…” (Farge et al., 3/20).