LGBT People In Tanzania Facing Increased Discrimination, Health Workers Concerned About Impact on HIV/AIDS Programs

BuzzFeed: How Tanzania Is Cracking Down On LGBT People — And Getting Away With It
“…Gay sex has been a crime in Tanzania, punishable with life in prison, since British colonial rule, but there is no record of anyone serving serious time for it. LGBT Tanzanians have always been able to quietly go about their lives, despite stigma and discrimination. But now the Tanzanian government is getting aggressive. … Government ministers have threatened to release lists of LGBT people across Tanzania, and health workers say it’s begun interfering with HIV prevention and treatment. Tanzania’s crackdown could not have come at a worse time. With the election of Donald Trump and the ascent of nativist movements in Europe, LGBT rights advocates worry that the Trump administration will surrender the U.S.’s role as a global leader in pressuring foreign governments to recognize the rights of their LGBT citizens…” (Honan, 4/8).