Letter To Editor Discusses Potential Impacts Of Mexico City Policy On Women’s Health

Washington Post: Letter to the Editor: Trump’s health policy does not protect life
Serra Sippel, president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity

“In the Oct. 11 front-page [Washington Post] article … there was an essential breach between the Trump administration’s words and the effect of its foreign policy. … The reality of the [impacts from the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance — otherwise known as the Mexico City policy or “global gag rule” –] could not be further from this misnomer. … It also causes organizations that can’t comply with the rule to lose U.S. funding and [thereby] prevents them from providing essential services, such as contraception provision, HIV/AIDS treatment, and cancer screenings. … I challenge the Trump administration to realize that when abortion access is restricted, women’s lives are threatened…” (10/17).