Less Than Half Of Pregnant Refugees In Greece Have Access To Prenatal Health Care, Doctors Of The World Study Shows

Reuters: Refugees’ health problems in Greece mostly unmet: medical charity
“Refugees and migrants in Greece receive little or no medical care for most health problems they face and fewer than half of those pregnant had access to maternal care, aid group Doctors of the World said on Tuesday. … The charity, together with health care company MSD, known in the United States as Merck, is implementing a two-year initiative aimed at providing maternal health care services to pregnant women and babies from vulnerable populations in Greece…” (Tagaris, 10/3).

Xinhua News: Access to medical care for pregnant refugees remains challenge in Greece: NGO
“…A total of 14,000 refugee women participated in the research as part of the two-year Mother & Child project carried out by Doctors of the World Greece. The findings were presented during an international conference in Athens for Safe Motherhood Week 2017 from Oct. 2 to 9. According to the research, less than 47 percent of refugee women had access to reproductive health care prior to the intervention by the Doctors of the World…” (Vlachou, 10/3).