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Legislators Must Address Public Health Concern Of Antibiotic Overuse In Agribusiness

The Hill: Congress must address the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture
Wayne Pacelle, executive vice president of the Humane Society Legislative Fund, and Tom Colicchio, co-founder of Food Policy Action

“Food policy and animal welfare are rife with overlap, but nowhere is this intersection more urgent than the escalating public health crisis stemming from the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms. … Right now agribusiness interests in some states are working overtime to effectively inoculate themselves from any kind of legislative or regulatory oversight, including efforts to address the antibiotics issue. … We must elect legislators at all levels of government who will work to address this issue before it is too late. … It’s time for a change. Antibiotics should be used to treat illness, not to compensate for unsanitary conditions; legislators should work for the health of their constituents, not for the interests of agribusiness” (10/31).