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Leading NGOs Hold Briefing Ahead Of G8 Summit To Discuss Prominent Issues

“Leading [non-governmental organizations (NGOs)] held a briefing June 12 to discuss issues they hope will figure prominently at the G8 Summit in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland,” taking place June 17-18, VOA News reports. “Among them are food security, nutrition, tax havens, transparency, and mining,” the news service adds. “The NGOs pointed out that the global economic downturn in recent years has meant commitments made at past G8 summits have not always materialized,” the news service writes, noting, “But at the Food and Nutrition Summit held ahead of the upcoming meeting, over four billion dollars were pledged to address global food security. The grassroots advocacy group ONE said it will be monitoring the implementation of these and other commitments.”

“Ben Leo, the group’s global policy director, explained that groups like the ONE campaign actively monitor how G8 leaders and governments follow through,” according to VOA. “He also emphasized that it’s more than making a pledge and keeping it; it’s about providing people with the proper tools to get out of poverty,” the news service writes, adding, “For example, he said his organization has been working hard over the past couple of years to bring the plight of smallholder farmers — who are mostly women — to the forefront” (Lewis, 6/14). In related news, The Telegraph examines the agenda of the 39th annual summit, highlighting key attendees of the event (Hope et al., 6/17).