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‘Leadership At All Levels’ Required For Successful Health Systems

Jonathan Quick, president and CEO of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), writes in the group’s “Global Health Impact” blog about Rwanda’s success at implementing a “health system [that] has emerged from devastation as a model for others.” He notes, “For nearly a decade, with support from USAID and the Rockefeller Foundation, MSH has had the privilege of working with the Ministry of Health to design and implement health system innovations for great health impact.” Quick discusses MSH’s work in Rwanda and other post-conflict nations, and continues, “Rebuilding a health system after armed conflict is a daunting endeavor. But these successes prove that it is possible. As we have seen in our work across several continents — and as our Rwanda colleagues have vividly illustrated — it’s about making the leader shift and instilling leadership at all levels” (3/27).