Leaders Must Take ‘Balanced Perspective’ To Inform U.S. Global Development, Foreign Policy Under Trump Administration

Huffington Post: What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for the Future of Global Development & Foreign Policy
Caroline Avakian, founder of SourceRise and managing partner at Socialbrite

“There is still much left to play out in the upcoming weeks when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign aid and global development policies but it is clear that soon the development community will be grappling with new policies, funding priorities (or lack thereof), and a new order that will change the way we all do the business of ‘doing good’ abroad. … [E]stablishing a new development and foreign aid agenda doesn’t need a complete overhaul in order to meet the conservative values and priorities that are soon to be laid out. What that truly needs … is for the incoming set of development administrators to give a careful, thoughtful, thorough investigation of what policies and financial investments are working as well as how new leadership and direction can better actualize these existing achievements. Alternately, it is also important to note how the elimination of these programs would affect our foreign policy goals in the short and long term. An attempt at this type of balanced perspective would be our best chance at articulating a new American agenda to ourselves and to the world” (11/21).