Latin America Must Reevaluate Priorities Surrounding Maternal Health, Abortion

Bloomberg View: Latin America Is Failing Its Women
Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View contributor

“…Domestic violence, religiously motivated legislation, and a culture of impunity: When it comes to safeguarding women and especially girls, Latin American governments appear to be in a race to the bottom. … Both traditional Roman Catholic and emerging evangelical Protestant leaders condemn rape as strongly as they champion the unborn child. And yet while their ‘pro-life’ zeal has made Latin America home to some of the strictest rules against abortion, this is little solace to the victims of sex crimes who are bound to carry their forced pregnancy to term. … As broadminded and socially bold as Pope Francis has been, no one expects Rome to budge on abortion or birth control. But it will be interesting to hear what the first Latin American pope has to say when he touches down in Asuncion in July” (5/14).