Lancet Editorial Looks Back At Health, Medicine In 2019, Lessons Learned, Including Need For Political Will

The Lancet: Health and medicine in 2019: what have we learned?
Editorial Board

“2019 has been a tumultuous year in health and medicine. … Events this year have shown how closely politics and health are interconnected and how tension can run high. … We firmly believe that health is a political issue in everyday society. We will continue to cover issues in which politics and medicine intersect and when our concerns for human life warrant attention, whether they be regional conflicts or national crises. … Many ongoing health and medical events of 2019 might seem intractable, but they rest on political choices that are not. Civil society, particularly the younger generation, is energized and unwilling to risk their future and health by leaving decisions to ineffectual politicians. Their right to health and their determination for action, change, truth, and transparency are here to stay. If we can harness and build on civil engagement with evidence and knowledge, and maintain a flexible and progressive attitude to our thinking about health, we will be in a better position to advance health in 2020” (12/21).