Lancet Editorial Discusses Potential Impact Of Mexico City Policy On Global Health

The Lancet: The devastating impact of Trump’s global gag rule
Editorial Board

“…The effects of the Trump global gag rule [also known as the Mexico City policy] on a broad range of sexual and reproductive health services is particularly concerning in light of recent global data from WHO on the persistently high prevalence and incidence of sexually transmitted infections. That the global gag rule might ultimately prove to increase the number of abortions by reducing access to modern contraception is not just an unfortunate irony. Rather, it reveals the way in which the policy has little to do with fostering health and everything to do with politics. … Two years on from its reinstatement, evidence shows that for care to be effective it must be holistic, comprehensive, and patient-centered. There can be no right to health without the right to access safe abortion” (6/15).