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Kaiser Family Foundation Releases New Poll Examining Americans' Views Of U.S. Support Of Global Health

“Two-thirds of Americans say that the U.S. is spending too little or about the right amount on global health with one in five saying spending is too high, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation [KFF] survey on the public’s views of global health issues” released Monday, a KFF news release reports. The press release notes, “Americans overall are divided on whether or not more spending by the U.S. and other major donors would lead to meaningful progress in improving health in developing countries,” adding, “Analysis of the survey shows that those who believe more spending will lead to progress are far more likely to support increased aid than those who think it would not make a difference.” According to the press release, the survey showed that “[s]upport for current spending is shared across party lines, with a majority of Democrats (74 percent), independents (66 percent) and Republicans (59 percent) responding that the U.S. spends too little or about the right amount on global health” (5/21). In his “Pulling It Together” column, KFF President and CEO Drew Altman says the survey findings “uncovered important nuances about the argument for foreign aid and global health”; outlines key messages from the survey; and notes that “[o]ne of the strongest predictors of support for global health spending was the belief that aid would make a difference” (5/21).