IRIN Examines Malnutrition In Chad

IRIN examines malnutrition in Chad, writing, “Hovering at around 20 percent in some places, Kanem Region in western Chad is well-known for having some of the world’s highest continual severe acute malnutrition rates,” and, “unless something is done to improve the country’s ‘dysfunctional’ health system (as described by half a dozen interviewees), these malnutrition rates are unlikely to change significantly.” The news service “spoke to Ministry of Health staff, aid workers, government officials and mothers to find out if anything can be done to wean Chad from its dependence on emergency nutrition interventions.”

Noting that approximately 3.6 million Chadians are food insecure, IRIN quotes a number of experts regarding ongoing efforts to combat malnutrition in the country and discusses several possible solutions to the problem, including building up human resources, boosting government capacity, developing the water and sanitation sector, and developing a malnutrition prevention and treatment strategy (3/19).