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Acute Malnutrition Rates ‘Critical’ In Northeast Nigeria, Experts Say

The Economist: Nigeria’s food crisis: Hunger games
“…All told, the U.N. estimates that 240,000 children in Borno are suffering from severe acute malnutrition — the deadliest category of it. More than 130 will die each day without assistance. Across the wider northeast of Nigeria, a population equivalent to New Zealand’s is in need of food aid. … Nigeria cannot excuse itself as a failed state. It is Africa’s second-biggest economy. Things should never have got this bad. That they did is largely because of Boko Haram…” (9/3).

IRIN: Malnutrition rates in Nigeria “horrifying”
“The world may have finally woken up to the child hunger emergency in northeastern Nigeria, but the latest data shows, if anything, a deepening crisis. Levels of Global Acute Malnutrition recorded in July and August were well over the 15 percent threshold deemed ‘critical,’ and, in some cases, higher than 50 percent, meaning more than half the children surveyed suffered from moderate or severe acute malnutrition…” (Egbejule, 9/1).