IPPF Campaign Urges Public Support For Access To Reproductive Health Services

EurActiv: Why sexual and reproductive rights can’t be taken for granted
Michael Cashman, Labour member of the European Parliament

“…The organizers of ‘One Of Us’ argue that they believe in human dignity. But they are calling for the E.U. to halt all funding to NGOs which provide maternal health services, on occasion including abortion information and services, in the developing world. … A strange interpretation indeed of standing up for human dignity in a world where almost 800 women are still dying every day during pregnancy and childbirth! … [The International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF)] ‘I Decide’ campaign aims to mobilize public support for the message that people should have the right to decide — who they live with; what happens to their bodies; if, when and how many children they have; and what kind of future they want. I unreservedly endorse this campaign…” (5/12).