Investments In Digital Health Could Contribute To SDG Progress

Devex: Unlocking the potential of digital health
Patricia Mechael, principal and policy lead at HealthEnabled, executive vice president for the Personal Connected Health Alliance, and visiting professor at Princeton University; and Misha Kay, head of the Global Observatory for eHealth

“…The recent adoption of the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] marks an important moment in time to build strong systems before the [next health] crises happen. We need to use this opportunity to set a baseline, measure and monitor investments in digital health, and correlate those investments with progress against SDG 3, which includes ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages. The Global Digital Health Index — an interactive digital resource to track, monitor, evaluate, and score the effective use of digital technology for health among World Health Organization member states — will support these efforts. … The potential of digital health is there, but it must be unlocked. In many countries, a unique combination of political will, technological breakthroughs, private sector engagement, and getting people to take charge of their own health will do this…” (6/10).