Investment In Women, Children, Adolescent Health In Emergency Settings Critical To Achieving SDGs

Devex: Leave no one behind: Women, children, and adolescent health in emergencies
Flavia Bustreo, assistant director general for family, women’s, and children’s health at WHO and vice chair of the board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and Princess Sarah Zeid of Jordan, global maternal and newborn health advocate and chair of Every Where

“…What we need is to ensure the protection of health and human rights of women, children, and adolescents, in all crises settings, everywhere. While women’s and children’s survival improved through the Millennium Development Goals and the U.N. Secretary General’s 2010 global strategy for Every Woman Every Child, more than 80 percent of the countries that did not achieve the goals endured a recent conflict, natural disaster, or both. … Embedded and aligned with the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)], the new Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health is targeting more than survival. It’s calling for transformative actions that provide women, children, and adolescents with what they need to thrive and transform the societies we live in. … If we are to meet the SDGs, we need to tailor our attention to sustainable, inclusive development for women, children, and adolescents in humanitarian emergencies. This is our opportunity to ensure no one is left behind…” (5/10).