Investment In Disability Data Crucial To Achieving SDGs

The Guardian: Poor people living with disabilities are counting on better data for better lives
Harpinder Collacott, executive director at Development Initiatives, and Tim Wainwright, chief executive officer of ADD International

“…At ADD International and at Development Initiatives we have four key recommendations for ensuring people with disabilities are not left behind as the world works to achieve the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)]. First, the forthcoming SDG indicator framework must deliver on the political commitment to disaggregate data by disability, as set out in SDG target 17.18. … Second, national governments will have a crucial role to play in improving disability data, and must invest in statistical systems and administrative data. … Third, civil society has a crucial role to play in strengthening, and if necessary supplementing, official statistics on disability. … Last, … [p]oliticians and civil servants need the right tools to analyze large volumes of data at speed, and civil society needs the necessary information to hold governments to account for the decisions they make…” (11/3).