Investing In Women, Girls Key To Ending AIDS, TB, Malaria

Huffington Post: Women and Girls are Key to Ending the AIDS, TB, and Malaria Epidemics
Kate Dodson, vice president for global health at the United Nations Foundation

“…Not only does the Global Fund dedicate more than half its resources to programs that benefit women and girls, it also focuses on tackling the underlying causes of discrimination and inequality that make them especially vulnerable to these diseases. … The new resources committed to the Global Fund will be essential to building on these efforts and further improving the health and livelihoods of women and girls. … We need to continue to support countries’ efforts to integrate Global Fund programming with global efforts to improve the lives of women and girls — including the new global strategy of the U.N.’s Every Woman Every Child initiative. We also need to work across sectors to ensure we have the greatest possible impact. Collaboration among civil society, governments, affected communities, development partners, and industry will be key for translating commitments into health programs that save lives. And if we’re successful, we will make a significant difference in the health and lives of women and children everywhere, and ultimately end AIDS, TB, and malaria for good” (9/23).