Investing In Nutrition Critical To Improving Health Of Women, Girls, Paves Way For Reaching Gender Equity

Huffington Post: Proper Nutrition Is Essential To Empowering Women And Girls
Kristen Ostling, senior manager for advocacy and global impact, and Samantha Grills, policy and advocacy officer, both at the Micronutrient Initiative

“…By investing in nutrition, societies become more sustainable and equal — a point most starkly reflected by the fact that 12 of the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are directly related to advancements in nutrition. … [M]any governments and multilateral actors are increasingly recognizing the fundamental importance of prioritizing nutrition. … Reducing the prevalence of malnutrition will improve the health, capacity, and opportunity of millions of women and girls around the world, paving the way for improvements in gender equity and women’s rights. By recognizing nutrition as the fundamental cornerstone of women’s rights and empowerment that it is, and responding in kind through increased action and resources towards ending malnutrition, Canada will continue to be a world leader on gender equality and nutrition. If we ensure that all women and girls have the health and wellness to grow, learn, earn, and lead, the entire world will be a more just and prosperous place” (3/15).