Investing In Health Workforce Necessary To Achieve ‘Equitable, Universal Health For All’

The Hill: Health workers go unnoticed at U.N. General Assembly
Jim Campbell, director of the health workforce department at the WHO

“…[I]nvesting in health workers is one of the best investments a nation can make. … If we are to take seriously what’s needed to meet the health needs of low- and middle-income nations, all nations must come together around health workforce and health systems planning that guides decision-making, prioritizes policy, and importantly, funds the much-needed transformation of the global health workforce. … [P]olicy frameworks including the Global strategy on human resources for health: Workforce 2030, the Health workforce requirements for universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals, and the High-Level Commission on Health Employment and Economic Growth provide the roadmap that will make progress possible like never before. They are the blueprint for focused global action to achieve equitable, universal health for all. … If we are to achieve SDG3 and UHC, it will be because we prioritized the health worker. Are they not already the very heart of the health system?” (9/18).