Fellowships, Collaborations Foster Equity In Global Health Workforce, Atlantic Institute Senior Fellows Write In Opinion Piece

IPS: Four Lessons to Reverse Inequity in the Global Health Workforce
Ifeanyi Nsofor, medical doctor, CEO of EpiAFRIC, and director of policy and advocacy for Nigeria Health Watch, and Shubha Nagesh, medical doctor and director of the Research, Community follow-up and Autism Assessment Programs at the Latika Roy Foundation

“…From our combined experiences of benefiting Erasmus Mundus Fellowship, Ford Foundation International Fellowship, Aspen New Voices Fellowship, and Atlantic Fellowship, there are four lessons that the global health community can learn to gradually reverse the inequity in global health workforce. First, talent is universal, but opportunities are not. … Fellowships help create platforms for development experts from different countries to interact … Second, prioritize women in global health workforce appointments because women face more inequities than men. … Third, fellowships can amplify global south voices on the global stage. … Fourth, collaborations are for life and reduce inequities. … The world must realize that fostering a global village requires that different geographical locations do not attempt to solve problems alone. … As Senior Fellows for health equity at the Atlantic Institute, we will collaboratively continue to advance fairer, healthier and more inclusive societies” (12/16).