Investing In, Equipping Youth To Become Next Generation Of Leaders Critical To Global Health Progress

Devex: Opinion: The global health remedy we need is a strong dose of youth leadership
Daniela Terminel, CEO of Global Health Corps

“…If we want to accelerate our progress in solving global health challenges, we have to invest in this next generation of leaders. … We’ve made amazing progress in global health since the birth of the field just a few decades ago, and moving forward will require learning from what worked and what didn’t. … Cross-generational mentorship is a way for … wisdom to be shared so that the journey to achieving health equity is shorter and less bumpy. … Eloquent, insightful young professionals with expertise on a range of health issues are out there, and they’re hungry for opportunities to weigh in. It’s on all of us to do what it takes to make sure they can: Invite them to be speakers on main stages, provide funding for them to participate in high-level convenings, and engage them as facilitators and moderators to shape the conversation. … It’s time to commit to throwing our collective resources into equipping them to take the reins by mentoring, pulling up chairs, and passing the mic. Our future depends on it” (10/1).