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International Cooperation, Action Necessary To End Violence Against Women

Noting several different U.N. actions taken recently condemning violence against women, including a U.N. Security Council resolution adopted last week “devoted to the issue of sexual violence in armed conflict,” Lakshmi Puri, acting head of U.N. Women and U.N. assistant secretary general, writes in The Guardian’s “Poverty Matters Blog” that these “recent policy gains indicate progress.” She continues, “Now, inspiring words must be turned into action by investing in female empowerment and leadership as the most effective strategy to end violence against women.” Puri adds, “Only greater equality between the sexes will turn the tide to prevent and end violence against women and girls.” She says national governments and “multilateral and regional entities, including U.N. Women,” must cooperate “to empower women and girls and put an end to the atrocities.” In addition, “it requires strong efforts by civil society organizations and the global women’s movement to remind both national governments and international organizations that words are not enough, that a few actions are not enough, that we must aim high and maintain progress,” she concludes (7/2).