International Community Should Reform Approach To Humanitarian Aid

Devex: The World Humanitarian Summit is an opportunity to enact reform and deliver better, evidence-based aid
David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee

“…We need a change of approach [for humanitarian aid], not just a change of policy. Better aid means moving from being a sector to a high-performing, dynamic system of comprehensive service provision. … We [at the International Rescue Committee] have three priorities for reform. 1. We need for renewed focus on outcomes and targets. … 2. We need a transformational culture shift in the way we fund, prioritize, and apply evidence. … 3. Success or failure will be decided by our funders and their willingness to back reform. … If [major donors] remain too fragmented, focused on inputs not outcomes, and siloed in their thinking, then the sector will remain so. Overcome this inheritance, harmonize their and our efforts, put people at the center, and the extraordinary commitment of all the players could build a humanitarian system worthy of its name” (5/20).