International Community Must Take ‘Ambitious’ Action To Stop Climate Change, End Extreme Poverty

The Guardian: Historic opportunity to end poverty will be lost if we don’t tackle climate change
Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank Group

“…December’s global climate change conference in Paris presents a critical opportunity to stop climate change from reversing global gains against poverty. An ambitious agreement backed by strong political will can accelerate our transition to inclusive growth that reduces greenhouse gas emissions using renewable energy, efficiency upgrades, and other steps. This would limit the future effects of climate change, create jobs, and raise incomes. … International action on climate change must reflect our new understanding of what is at stake: the fate of hundreds of millions of people who live in extreme poverty today and the well-being of more than 100 million more who could be pushed into it. By doing the right thing, we will also push forward the cause of justice — we can preserve the planet for future generations and end extreme poverty. The two together will be humankind’s greatest achievement” (11/23).