International Community Must Plan For Long-Term Global Health Security Issues

The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Infectious disease emergencies: taking the long-term view
Editorial Board

“…Understandably, the attention of the public, politicians, and the media is dominated by the newest and scariest outbreak. But focusing on the disease du jour has its drawbacks. There is a danger of exaggerating risks, monopolizing resources, and attending to short-term goals while neglecting long-term aims. … We do not know what the next outbreak will be, but we know there will be one, and we must plan accordingly. … Supporting international development, continuing aid to low-income countries, avoiding complacency as epidemics subside, and sticking by previous commitments are all parts of the solution to limiting regular infectious epidemics. Attending to emergencies without addressing long-term health issues and global health security as a whole is short-sighted, and alone will never succeed in protecting us from devastating new infections” (December 2016).