International Community Must Invest In Health Workforce To Achieve 2030 Agenda

Devex: Investing in health workforces: The path toward the SDGs starts here
Jim Campbell, director of health workforce at the WHO and executive director at the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA)

“…A strong and motivated health workforce is key to a resilient, integrated, and people-centered health system. Without a fit for purpose workforce, the world puts itself at risk of not only failing to meet the ambitious targets of the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)], but of even reversing progress in the face of population growth and unexpected challenges, such as the Ebola outbreak. … We all have an opportunity to set off on the right path toward the achievement of the SDGs in 2030. Ensuring that we create the conditions for employment in the health and social sectors, addressing global deficits, and improving access to care is surely the smartest place to start the journey” (10/7).