International Collaboration Essential For Successful Response To Zika, Other Disease Outbreaks

New England Journal of Medicine: The Zika Challenge
Charlotte Haug, international correspondent for the NEJM; Marie-Paule Kieny, assistant director general for health systems and innovation at the WHO; and Bernadette Murgue, project manager of the WHO R&D Blueprint

“…Many lessons learned from the response to the recent Ebola outbreak have helped in the response to the ZIKV outbreak. Most important, there is general agreement on the need for international collaboration on regulatory issues, research, and data sharing. … We are working in a new area with many unknowns. But as the WHO meeting showed, there is ample experience and expertise from work with other viruses and vectors — ranging from basic science to field work and surveillance — to guide clinical practice, research, and product development. It is critical that we collaborate rather than compete to find answers to the questions that worry millions of women of child-bearing age in areas where ZIKV is spreading rapidly and may become endemic” (3/30).