Innovative Solutions For Health Financing Needed To Mitigate Threat To Global Economy, G20 Coalition Report Says

Financial Times: G20 report warns of diseases threat to global economy
“Disease and antimicrobial resistance pose as great a threat to the global economy as climate change and will not be contained unless G20 governments make them a priority for finance as well as health ministers, a report warns. The G20 Health and Development Partnership — a coalition of business, academic, and non-governmental organizations — said in a report on Tuesday that health ministers alone could not tackle the crisis and that governments and finance ministers needed to ‘take ownership’ of the problem, as they had with global warming…” (Dodd, 3/4).

The Telegraph: New funding models for health urgently needed, experts warn
“…[The report] calls for innovative solutions to funding health, arguing that ill health could cost the world billions in treatment and lost productivity, with estimates suggesting that the global cost of a moderately severe or severe pandemic would be US $570 billion, or 0.7 percent of global income. The report recommends new models to overcome the so-called ’10-90’ gap, where less than 10 percent of world health resources benefit developing countries, which experience more than 90 percent of infectious diseases…” (Newey, 3/4).