Innovation Needed To Improve Water Delivery Systems

With more than one billion people lacking access to clean and safe water, and waterborne diseases causing 7,000 child deaths every day worldwide, “[i]t’s more important than ever that we be willing to look at old problems and find innovative ways to solve them. The issues of water access, quantity and quality need to be addressed at the same time,” Kevin McGovern and Quincy Jones, chair and honorary chair, respectively, of The Water Initiative (TWI), write in a Huffington Post opinion piece.

Working “through innovative partnerships with municipalities, businesses and local micro-entrepreneurs in developing and developed countries,” TWI uses “customized and sustainable drinking water” point-of-delivery filtration technologies to “treat the water right after it comes into the home, school or hospital and before it is used for cooking and drinking,” they write, concluding, “Our vision is to take our innovative, customized process to scale and address the overwhelming water issue globally” (11/7).