Initiatives To Find Cancer Cures Must Use ‘Integrative Approach’

The Lancet: Promising the moon
Editorial Board

“…[C]ampaigns such as [Cancer Moonshot 2020] present a substantial risk. At once they are both grandiose and overly simplistic, much like the ‘war on cancer.’ A 2013 Lancet Series called for a rethinking of the metaphor, pointing to the limitations of conceptualizing research efforts in such a way. In addition to looking for breakthroughs, there must also be a more comprehensive focus that considers all the factors that can boost cancer advances, including greater attention to prevention, strengthening health care systems, and addressing inequalities that contribute to poor outcomes. Without using an integrative approach to target cancer, the moonshot has the same limitations as the war on cancer — a strategy promising the moon with no way to deliver” (1/23).